Term 1 Concert

Congratulations to Mark and Kate and all of the members who presented an outstanding concert today in somewhat warm conditions! The audience very much appreciated your performances.

Thanks to everyone who donated an Easter Gift – we had 15 prizes in the raffle today and everyone was very pleased to have had some many opportunities to take home the goodies.

We are now on holidays – Community and Senior Band will return on April 21st and also on April 21st we will welcome the new Workshop Band members to the band!

Have a great break and if you are going away for the holidays, please travel safely.


Concert Dates 2017

We recently published our concert dates to our members and now we would like to provide them to our supporters. All concerts will be held at Robertson Hall, Geelong College Preparatory School, enter off Minerva Rd in Newtown. Tickets can be purchased at the door on the day of the concert. The following dates have been set for our concerts in 2017.

Sunday March 26th at 2pm – featuring Community Band and Senior Band

Sunday June 18th at 2pm – featuring Workshop Band, Community Band and Senior Band

Saturday August 26th at 7pm – featuring Workshop Band, Community Band and Senior Band

Saturday December 2nd at 7pm -featuring Workshop Band, Community Band and Senior Band

If you have any questions, please email geelongcb@gmail.com.