The Geelong Concert Band is a community organisation based in Geelong which comprises over 150 playing members. The four bands which make up the Geelong Concert Band perform in a vast variety of styles from jazz to classics of the concert band repertoire and caters to the full gamut of technical abilities. The Geelong Concert Band receives no funding of any kind despite its work in maintaining the largest arts based community group in the region providing opportunity for musicians of all ages to participate in fine music making under expert leadership. The band is greatly supported by its hardworking team of support people, fundraising efforts and proceeds from concerts held throughout the year.

The Senior Concert Band

The senior band is the Geelong Concert Band’s premier ensemble. The senior band performs challenging repertoire from classical transcriptions to original concert band works. Members of the band come from a diverse selection of the Geelong and surrounding community all striving for the goal of creating fine music in a challenging and rewarding program of concerts each year. Joining the senior band is based on an audition, if you would like to audition, please email geelongcb@gmail.com. The senior band is conducted by Mark Irwin.

The Community Band

The Community Band is made up of students and adults from Geelong and the surrounding region. The band acts as an excellent training ground that works in harmony with a student’s studies in music at school or as a recreational hobby in music. The community band prepares musicians for membership of the senior band. The Community Band will be conducted by Kevin Cameron in 2015 whilst Kate Zampatti takes a further year of maternity leave.

The Workshop Band

Musicians in the workshop band are just beginning development on their chosen instrument. Learning is enhanced through group tuition of students by expert members of the senior band and the full band rehearsal so that learners can get experience in ensemble playing right from the start. The full compliment of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments are available for tuition in the workshop band program. Generally after two years of learning, members move up into the community band. The workshop band is a great compliment to any other instruction being received such as at school or in private lessons. The Workshop band is conducted by Michael Wilding who is very experienced in encouraging musicians of all ages.



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